As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds we are monitoring the situation on a continuing basis and adapting our responses to cater for the rapidly changing landscape. We clearly need to manage the health risks to our staff, clients and the broader community, and at the same time ensure that our business continues to operate with as little visible disruption as possible. With the use of technology, we believe that we are able to operate with limited staff needing to be physically present in our offices. We have also adopted an extensive range of other measures to  facilitate “social distancing” and good hygiene and thereby reduce transmission risk.

As a member of the banking community, we also have a broader responsibility to manage the safety of our clients’ assets, while at the same time ensuring that the economy does not come to a “crashing halt” through restricting or withdrawing access to credit at a time when many businesses and individuals are most vulnerable. These issues are also all being considered by the relevant industry bodies and the banks on an individual basis.

At Grindrod Bank, we are in the fortunate position of having close relationships with our clients, and therefore believe we will be able to work with you during this difficult time by adopting a responsible and proactive approach to your unique requirements as we handle this crisis together.  We are all no doubt going to be faced with some very difficult decisions over the next few months but I assure you that Grindrod Bank will be engaging with our clients in a responsible, direct and pragmatic manner with the belief that wherever possible this will serve to entrench the relationship with our clients as a true banking partner.