In this series, we celebrate the employees that make Grindrod Bank a success. Through the stories of our people you will come to know us, a company that values diversity, encourages inclusivity, and above all inspires individuals and teams to succeed. This is Nishaan’s story.


Our IT Technician, Nishaan Beerbal, shares what a typical day looks like for him and shares some of his career highlights.


“As a Desktop and Infrastructure Technician, I check for any requests or notifications from the many systems, as we must ensure that all systems are operational, and no system issues occurred through the night. During the day, I attend to any calls that may be logged to me and I help users in the business. I ensure I am available as users contact me via telephone for any assistance they may require.”


Always being at your best at the workplace is not easy. Here are some things that motivate Nishaan to give it his best at the workplace:


“I enjoy helping others, as it gives me a sense of satisfaction. Though at times I may also be stressed out and the user that calls may be frustrated too, I still strive to assist them and resolve their issues.”


Nishaan shares who inspires him in the industry:


“The management of Grindrod Bank. They are always there to guide and support us. Whenever there are issues, our managers and the IT Department resolve them and show us what teamwork means.”


In the workplace, the topic of gender equality is an important and relevant one. Nishaan shares his thoughts about the topic, as well as flexible work policies such as parental leave and remote working:


“I would say having an equal mix of males and females in departments and teams is important. I believe organisations should empower women and provide equal opportunities.


I prefer the flexibility of working remotely and being able to take time out when needed. I feel that if I am forced to do a task, I will not be motivated to do it. The flexibility helps staff to not be overwhelmed as this will badly affect their performance. We also need to understand that employees are people and may need to take leave when required.”

If Nishaan could advise organisations on how to keep employees loyal and happy, this is what he would say:


“We should always understand the needs of others and provide support and guidance. Respect must be maintained throughout the organisation. People shouldn’t be micro-managed and be placed under unnecessary pressure. We must ensure we always recognise and reward our employees their hard work, especially when they go beyond the call of duty.”


Nishaan shares some of his career highlights and what his journey means to him:


“I was a lecturer many years ago, which allowed me to help many individuals to grow and prosper. I have taught people from different backgrounds and age groups which has taught me a lot.


I hope to continue to grow myself and eventually move up the corporate ladder, so I can continue teaching others by mentoring them and assisting them in any way I can.


If I had not been a lecturer or an IT Technician, I could see myself being a chef.”


Dealing with stress can be an ongoing challenge people try and master. Nishaan shares how he copes with stress and maintains a work-life balance:


“When I am at work, I give it my all and I do the same in my personal life. When I’m with my family, I switch off my devices and spend quality time with them. A change of scenery, like a night out also helps me de-stress.”