In this series, we celebrate the employees that make Grindrod Bank a success. Through the stories of our people you will come to know us, a company that values diversity, encourages inclusivity, and above all inspires individuals and teams to succeed.


Today. we feature our three interns from the IT and Risk Divisions – Bongekile Madikizela, Sidha Muniah and Jamie Elkington. These are our ‘young guns’ who are ready to take on the world. Let’s find out what makes them tick:


First up is Bongekile Madikizela, affectionally known as Bongi by her colleagues who is the IT intern in the Project Management Office. She tells us more about herself and shares how her journey with the bank started:


“I obtained my Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of KwaZulu Natal in 2014. My major subjects were Information System & Technology and Supply Chain Management. I started working at Grindrod Bank in 2019 through a recommendation by one of Grindrod Bank’s employees. I am an IT intern in the Project Management Office, currently working as a Quality Assurance Analyst for the Online Money Manager project.”


Bongekile explains what she hopes to achieve in her career


“I aim to be a cross-functional specialist in the IT industry. Our industry is forever evolving, and I believe one must be agile and adaptable to be able to keep up with the times. I cannot wait till I’m at that level where I can lead other people and work alongside a team that comes up with smart and innovative solutions that will change the way we work or live!”


One of the trends that Bongekile sees in the banking industry is the introduction of 4IR, and she explains why:


“I’m eager to see the rapid change that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring to South Africa as a developing nation. We have a lot to benefit from 4IR and cannot wait to see the effect of those changes on people’s daily lives, and more especially its role and how it will uplift many individuals and communities.”


Next, we spoke to Sidhika Muniah, the Junior Risk Assistant for the Risk Division who shares what inspires her, and who she admires in the banking industry:


“Unathi Mtya our Chief Technology Officer at Grindrod Bank is my inspiration. I admire her level of confidence and her positive attitude that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. I respect her work ethic because she shines in a very demanding environment. She is someone that is not afraid to tackle challenges head-on and that motivates us to embrace change.”

Sidhika shares the most valuable advice she has received:



Sidhika say, “Above all else, this advice has made me confident in the choices I make”.


According to Sidhika, the following will keep employees happy and loyal to their organisations:


“I believe it is important for employers to constantly engage with their employees, recognise hard work and give credit where its due. Being valued for your contribution as an employee will drive you to work harder, be better, and grow faster.  It is important that leaders in organisations to continuously motivate their team members, create opportunities for their team members to excel and be leaders in their respective fields.


In closing we spoke to Jamie Elkington, who works as the Risk Assistant: Credit Recoveries and Collections. She says her role is diverse and she enjoys the fact that she can fully utilise his skills and knowledge. Enhancing and adequately assessing recovery strategies and risks is something that he takes pride in.


Jamie studied a Bachelor of Commerce Law Degree and landed – what she describes as her dream job at Grindrod bank through the East Coast Radio 30secondCV. [BB1] “It has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to grow as a person and in my career, and I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me.”


When asked what inspires her to always be at her best in the workplace, Jamie explains, “I want to be the best version of me in the workplace. I respect all the team members who make up Grindrod Bank, and I want to keep learning and growing from them all”.


Similar to Sidika, Jamie shares solid advice that she lives by: “Don’t give up and continue to learn every single day. This advice has allowed me to acknowledge that although there will be ups and downs in my career, I should continue to strive for the best. If I could inspire others, it would be to say “don’t give up on your dreams”.


We asked Jamie what advice she would give to organisations out there when it comes to keeping employees loyal and happy? “It’s not every day I get to offer some advice to leaders of companies – if anyone is reading this, I would say that your employees are what makes your business. Ensure your staff are happy and provide them with the opportunity to communicate their ideas and thoughts. Everyone wants the opportunity to feel heard.”